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When he first came to Austin, John Hartley worked for a large apartment management corporation. He noticed a problem that simply would not go away. That problem was maintaining an effective cleaning staff for properties which were spread over the entire city. In addition to the usual personnel management problems, these employees brought with them additional safety considerations, training requirements, and security concerns.

When discussing this with other managers, he found they also had the same problem. There was a need for a company that specialized in this work and had the volume to train and control a staff that could do the job right. John recognized he could do contracting of this type as well as anybody else, so he formed Maid of Honor.

The model home and janitorial divisions came about in 1991 when our first client, local builder Doyle Wilson, became concerned about the up and down quality of the model home cleaning service he was getting. He understood he could not expect perfection, but he needed consistent excellence because his model homes were his showroom. Our company mentality "we are only as good as our last job", made us perfectly suitable for this exciting cleaning arena.

That's how Maid of Honor came to be. It was the first company of its kind in Austin, and it remains the leader in the field. Also, we've now expanded our operations to Houston, San Antonio and San Marcos.

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Maid of Honor, Inc. has been in business for 20 years.

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It is with great pleasure that I give this letter of reference to Maid of Honor, Inc. They were punctual, efficient and trustworthy. Their honesty was always above reproach.
Clark, CNW Company
The staff of Maid of Honor have been a valuable secret weapon in my marketing scheme for many years. In addition to the standard expectations of high quality cleaning and honest, loyal employees, the management have made it a priority to understand our business.
Ann, Casa Bella Homes
Maid of Honor has been performing cleaning services for our company in the San Marcos area. Maid of Honor has accomodated all scheduling requests in a timely manner and without delay, which has ben extremely helpful in our San Marcos locations. The professionalism, friendliness and thoroughness of the Maid of Honor staff have been exceptional. We particularly enjoy the ability to speak to an individual on the phone versus and answering machine.
Aurora, Carlisle Apartments, Inc